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Discover the e-car

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Discover the e-car

If you’re thinking about switching from a fossil fuel to electric vehicle, due to the climate or because your car is in need of replacement, we’re here to help make South Limburg journeys smart and sustainable. Because if everyone does their bit to reduce CO2 emissions, climate targets will be within reach. That’s why we’re offering employees of affiliated employers a free trial, with no further obligation, so that you can experience for yourself what electric driving is like. 

Why electric driving? 

  • Electric vehicles are quieter and cleaner
  • CO2 emissions are half those of a fossil-fuelled car
  • Trying is now cheap and easy!

July 27, 2020

Lots of interest in this year’s ‘Discover the e-car’ campaign Changes to the trial as from 1 September

Some 500 employees of employers affiliated with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar were set to participate in this year’s ‘Discover the e-car' campaign and spend two weeks experiencing what it's like to drive electric, both for work and personal use. Were... Because due to the coronavirus crisis we have all had to work from home as much as possible. Only key workers and smaller entrepreneurs who needed a car to keep their business running were able to use the e-cars. Most of the fleet stayed put for the best part of three months!

The economy is cautiously beginning to get back on track and employers are keen to renew their efforts to make their fleet more sustainable for a better living and working environment. This is good for the economy and the environment. In the spirit of solidarity and to still give as many employees as possible the opportunity to try out an e-car this year, the offer will be updated as from 1 September! For €50 (including charging for travelling up to 2,000 km), participants can test drive an electric car for a week and discover for themselves the advantages of electric driving. More information? Please get in touch with Louise Lohmeier and Eline Rademaker 

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For employers

If you’re a partner of Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar and want to offer your employees a trial electric driving experience.

Elektrische Auto BMW I3 Verkleind


For employees

If you work for a partner of Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar and are considering using an electric car, look at the attractive trial we’ve developed for you!

Gaby Bissels on electric driving
I had to get used to all the gadgets in the car, but that was quick. It’s a delight to drive, really quiet.
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