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14 January 2020

Gaby Bissels on electric driving

"I had to get used to all the gadgets in the car, but that was quick. It’s a delight to drive, really quiet."

Our family has had a Hyundai Kona Electric since the end of March 2019 and our experiences with this car have been positive to date. We enjoy driving a gearless car, especially since it’s so quiet. The first time on holiday with an electric car was a challenge though; we really had to consider where and when we could charge it.

We deliberately waited for an electric car with a larger battery. The Hyundai Kona Electric has a 64 kWh battery. In winter we can drive approximately 370 km without having to charge and in summer 450 km.  

We’re really happy with our car. And because we generate our own electricity with solar panels on our home, our driving is completely sustainable. Besides that, we just love it! 

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